International Parcel Service was founded in 1987, to provide a cross border solution for the Customs Brokerage community, and customers in the lower mainland.

As a 100% Canadian owned company with our head office located in Delta, IPS has been providing outstanding and reliable cross border service for over 30 years and can handle shipments of any size, from an envelope to full trailer loads. Through our network, we can service all points in the US and Canada.

IPS has delivered outstanding daily service and value to our customers, and can handle shipments of every size from 1 envelope to full trailer loads. Our fleet consists of cars for our courier runs to 3 ton and 5 ton trucks with power tailgates to tractor trailers, providing service throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley to Blaine WA daily.

Through our network, we can provide service to all points in the US.

With IPS you can consign your northbound shipments to our US warehouse, where we will receive your goods, forward your commercial invoices to your customs broker for clearance, and deliver directly to your location. We offer daily service to and from Blaine, Ferndale and Bellingham.

IPS has also developed a platform for bulk E- commerce shippers, which provides a seamless clearance process for shipments destined to the US.

IPS can handle all your courier needs from Steamships and Canada Customs downtown to YVR and Pacific Hwy daily

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